Hear what’s not being said
See what’s not being shown
Feel what’s not being expressed
Know what really matters

The right Trial Consultant can help you prepare a stronger case… and tackle unexpected challenges.

By the time you go to trial, you’ve put in countless hours of preparation. You know the facts, you’ve lined up your witnesses and experts, and you’re ready to tell your story.

However, no matter how careful your preparation or artful your presentation, you can never be absolutely sure how the trial will unfold. You must be prepared to adapt and overcome challenges quickly and competently because a judge won’t suspend the trial just because you’re caught off guard. Winning attorneys expect the unexpected.

Bay Area Trial Consultant

As a Trial Consultant, I can help you consider all the key issues, analyze the applicable law, develop a sound strategy, and craft a clear and simple story that will connect with the jury. In addition, I can help you focus on the essentials by handling the day-to-day logistics, helping you craft or reshape strategy on-the-fly, and heading up a rapid response team to deal with the ever-changing landscape of the trial.But how do you prepare for something that hasn’t happened yet? By hiring an experienced Trial Consultant who can help you see what may be invisible to you because you’re too close to the facts. One who can run interference for you and reevaluate strategies when the case takes an unexpected turn. One who can serve as a mirror reflecting back to you the areas where you are failing to connect and where your story is less than compelling. One who can help find the danger points in your case and create a plan to successfully navigate them.

They say luck favors the prepared. But really, winning attorneys don’t rely on luck, they simply prepare for the challenges they know and have the right Trial Consultant on the team to handle the unknown challenges that can pop up at any time.

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