Hear what’s not being said
See what’s not being shown
Feel what’s not being expressed
Know what really matters

Case Analysis helps you identify and overcome problems in 4 key categories.

Winning a legal case is all about problem solving. But arriving at a winning solution is only possible when you can properly diagnose the problem. It’s more difficult than it sounds.

Too often, attorneys take a shallow, one-dimensional approach. They think the problem is merely that their client is being prosecuted for something wrongfully, or that their client has been harmed by another’s negligence. They conclude that the solution is simply to convince a jury that the client did nothing wrong. In the broad sense, this is true. But at the strategic or tactical level, this isn’t very helpful.

In fact, every case is a collection of problems. Why is your client being prosecuted? How was your client harmed? Which facts make this case difficult? What are the most important issues? What scares you most about the upcoming trial? How will the judge respond to the case? Why can’t you get your client to open up?

Through careful and objective Case Analysis, I can help you “unpack” all of the individual problems you face. These problems fall into 4 categories: the issues, the law, the client, and the audience or jury.

By identifying and analyzing the core problems in each of these categories, I can help you solve each challenge individually. These solutions help build a stronger case brick by brick and helps remove weaknesses opposing counsel may exploit.

Moreover, by helping you to construct an “action-based message” that will re-frame the facts and tell a story a jury can understand and relate to, my analysis can dramatically improve your odds of success.

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