Hear what’s not being said
See what’s not being shown
Feel what’s not being expressed
Know what really matters

Who We Are

We are trial lawyers and consultants, committed to winning justice for regular people by assisting the lawyers who represent them. We Are A Force To Be Reckoned With.

What We Do

We provide trial consulting services to trial lawyers seeking to go beyond the obvious and find the truth of the case. We give strength and reinforcements to the solo attorney fighting in the trenches alone, and we give strategy, insight, and innovation to the team who is mired in the details of the case. We Fight For Justice And We Fight To Win.

Where We Are

Our main offices are located in Northern California, and with the use of advanced technological tools and applications, we are as close as your desktop or tablet. We will travel to any location in the world to work with you and your clients. We can work with you and your team in your office or in ours. We Are Wherever You Are.