Hear what’s not being said
See what’s not being shown
Feel what’s not being expressed
Know what really matters

Focus Groups give you a powerful advantage when selecting a jury and crafting your story.

The most successful companies always do extensive research before developing a product marketing message. They want to know how people think and feel, what concepts they will most readily embrace, and how to craft a product story that will win hearts and minds.

The same is true during jury selection and when you craft the story of your case. In any jury trial, the jury members are your “market.” Through carefully constructed focus groups, I can help you learn about your potential pool of jurors before you begin organizing your facts and crafting your message to maximize your chances of success.

How is this done? By assembling from the general population one or more groups that share the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the pool of jurors most likely to hear the case. By discovering how they think about the issues and how they feel about your client’s actions, you can frame the facts and present your story in a way they will relate to and understand.

Ideally, you want multiple focus groups, from the moment your case comes in the door to the beginning of the trial. The earlier we start, and the more often we run a focus group, the more reliable and comprehensive your information can be. The typical case may require 5 to 7 focus groups. Complex cases may require more.

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