Hear what’s not being said
See what’s not being shown
Feel what’s not being expressed
Know what really matters

Trial Collaboration could be the key to success in your next trial.

The idea of a lone lawyer tilting at the windmills of injustice is a romantic idea found only in the movies. In real life, important cases are won by legal teams.

So by the time you’re ready to bring me in as co-counsel, I will probably have run several Focus Groups and worked with you on Case Analysis and Trial Consulting. To be valuable to you and to give your client the best possible defense, I must be an active participant in the case and perform extensive pretrial work.

There are 5 key areas where I can offer my Trial Collaboration services:

  • Voir-dire
  • Opening Statement
  • Direct Examination
  • Cross-Examination
  • Closing Arguments

As co-counsel, I can do as little or as much as you need. For example, you may want to do your own opening statement, direct examination, and closing argument but let me handle voir-dire and cross-examination. Or in a more complicated case, we might tag team direct and cross-examination, each focusing on particular witnesses and issues.

Often what happens is that I’m hired for voir-dire and if it goes especially well and the jury bonds with me, I’m then asked to participate in other elements of the trial. Having a deep and trusting connection to the jury makes the entire trial run more smoothly. Having effective co-counsel leads to better trial strategies and maximizes your potential.

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